The Chappell Family

Earlier this week I got to photograph the lovely Chappell family! As you can see, these kids have a serious bundle of energy! Cash (the little boy) was all over the place and ironically only settled down with some candy. His mom was quite happy he managed to keep his clothes on the whole time too. I was fortunate enough to see just a glimpse of their life during this session, and was so blessed to be able to see what a fun and loving big sister Brianna is. She was so good at making her little brother laugh! And of course more often than not, 8 month old Charlotte was most comfortable with mommy. And that's ok, because snuggly babies always make for great pictures! Christine demonstrated just what a great mom she is, taking all of the madness and insanity in a calm stride. Props to her! I can't imagine having 3 kids!

Basically, this session was a load of fun. :)