The Phillips Family

This family is very near and dear to my heart. Miriam is number 5 in my husband's long line of siblings. I was able to witness her and Michael's relationship blossom while they were dating, the beginning of their marriage and now I get to see them be amazing parents to my beautiful niece Paisley. I took Miriam and Michael's engagement pictures, and Paisley's pictures just months after they she was born. It was so great to finally get them all together, and see how they've matured and grown together.

"Miyuki was a treat to work with (as always). She was so patient and realistic with our grumpy toddler, and still managed to get some great pictures of her. We spent the second half of our shoot focusing on just my husband and I, and she captured us perfectly! She paid amazing attention to detail and made sure that every aspect of the shot was in place. She also made sure to keep us laughing, which made the shoot a blast. I'm in love with the photos that she has created, and I can't wait to get them put up on our walls!" - Miriam