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My name is Miyuki Sarah and I am an emotive portrait photographer.

I specialize in boudoir, glamour and personal branding. I believe that you are a beautiful person who deserves to leave their unique stamp on the world through photographs. I know what beauty is, and I have a unique ability to capture it through photographs. My heart is for women who find it difficult to look in the mirror and love what they see. I believe everyone deserves to have amazing photos of themselves, and an amazing experience to go along with it. I love working with the everyday woman - mothers, daughters, businesses women, wives - all of them. Because every single one of them gives to those around them, and they deserve to give something to themselves.


Mom, you deserve to have your photograph taken. Your children, and your grandchildren deserve to have beautiful photos of you now to remember you by. Don't wait! This Mother's Day, take the time to preserve your legacy.



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